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Automotive Machine Shop

Offering : New & Used Engine Rebuilding Equipment: Automotive Machine Shop Equipment from the top Manufactures in the Industry. Machinery that helps you work smarter and earn higher profits.CNC machinining Centers - Multi-Purpose Machining Centers, 5 Axis Cylinder Head Porting Machines, Seat and Guide Machines,Crankshaft Balancers, Head and Block Surfacers, Cylinder Boring Machines, Cylinder Honing Machines, Valve Refacers. Machinery for Race Engines, High Performance Engines, Small Engine, Motorcycle, Marine, Automotive, Light Truck, Diesel, and Stationary Engine applications.

Factory trained by : Serdi, Van Norman , Winona Van Norman, Serv -Equip, US Metal Works , AXE Equipment, Kansas Instruments, Peterson Machine Tool , Kwik Way, Rottler , Hines Industries ,Stewart Warner and has sold and trained on IDL, Tobin Arp Empire, Schou, Seest, Comec, Berco, RMC and many other brand names of equipment.

Cleaning Equipment : Jet spray Washers, Aqueous Parts Washers, Baking Ovens, Thermal Cleaning systems, Airless shot blasters, Glass Bead blasters, Baking Soda Blasters are offered from the best cleaning Equipment manufactures in the business.

Flywheel Grinders : Van Norman Machine tool the first and still the best machines available.

Used Engine Rebuilding Equipment : Many of these machines were originally sold by AMS Equipment Sales so we know the history of the equipment.

We understand your business : Meeting your equipment requirements while helping you make well informed purchasing decisions are our goals।

Kamis, 04 Februari 2010

Car Cleaners

Wiper system
In general, the wipers on for 3 classes, namely:
1. Double spoiler
a. Sturdy and durable
b. Easily installed
c. Coated with "Teflon Rubber"
d. Remained stable at high speeds.
e. Material "Carbon-Fiber"
2. Bosch
a. Safe and convenient to use
b. Using the "Quick clip" for easy installation
c. Wiper remain stable while working.
d. Power broom is stronger and does not speak
3. Frameless
a. Sturdy & durable
b. Easy to install
c. Coated with a "rubber Tteflon"
d. Flexible follows the contour of the glass
e. UV-blocking material
Vacuum Cleaner
Vacuum cleaner are sold in many supermarkets or hardware stores generally have characteristics as follows.
a. Can in turn directly from the lighter socket in cars
b. Complete with accessories and filters are easy to clean
c. Clean suck dust, spilled water, dry and wet particles (wet and dry)
d. Being able to clean up the narrow gap.
Car polisher & washer
Take care of the paint to keep the general characteristics mengkilap.ciri
1. With ergonomic body, so comfortable in use
2. Framework is made of solid ABS material
3. Suitable for light maintenance of vehicles paint
Auto Care
With a revolutionary formula, find the right product choice for optimal performance anda.tersedia windshield cleaning fluid for a variety of stains, special protection at unttuk increase the visibility of the rainy conditions and solve problems of moisture on the windshield.

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